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Walking across a stage to receive a small diploma while wearing a cap and gown is what students’ 4 years of high school lead up to. But, what happens when it’s time to take the cap off? It’s a hard question to ask, but senior year is the time to figure out what the future after high school looks like. Senior year is all about exploration, and discovering a new level of independence and maturity. Seniors at Hunterdon Central are taking paths towards art, politics, athletics, business, and more. We talked to a few seniors to be seeing what they’ll be doing when they graduate from Central…

This year the graduating class of 2019 will leave these three buildings to head off to, well… everywhere. With around 800 seniors this isn’t much of a surprise. However, a group of 4 budding journalists put their best efforts forth to gain the insight of 9 seniors, to give an idea as to what really happens after senior graduation. This News writing package has given us a sneak peek at our seniors, their lives, their friends, their family, their pasts, and, most importantly, their future. Put simply, this News package is about Seniors going from here, to there, to who knows where.

Where did you go / Where are you planning to go after Senior Year?

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Peter Donetz
Kari Smith
Anthony Pfau
Brianna Devincenzo
Zoe Bowser
Max Kurdyla
Luke Longo
Emily Wilson
Radha Dooley

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