Fighting the January Blahs

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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!


We all know that feeling, when December turns to January. All of the sudden, the white fluffy snow turns gray and slushy, the sky appears ashy, and worst of all, the holidays are behind you. So what can you do when the mid-winter moodiness sets in? Here are some tips for making sure you can conquer the January blahs!


  1. Pick up a new hobby

One of the worst things about the months after the holidays is that there’s nothing to do. Remedy this by starting a new fun activity! It doesn’t have to be much, and you can even choose something you don’t even have to leave the house for. Maybe you’ve been looking at some recipes that you want to try, so you can learn how to cook them; or maybe you’ve been listening to some great music lately, so you can learn how to play them on the guitar. Something that’s fun, comes naturally to you, and brings you joy can bring you right back to those holiday merriments!


  1. Create a New Year’s Resolution…

…and actually follow through with it. Hopefully when you were going around the table this past New Year’s Eve, you committed to do something realistic. Give yourself a realistic goal that you will have fun with but will also help you develop as a person. For example, if you are a shy person, resolving to go to more parties and meet droves of new friends may not be the best decision for you. Instead, think about how you can improve relationships you already have, like talking with your friends more and spending more time with them outside of school. Not only will this give you something to do and focus on, it will give you a great sense of accomplishment that can pick you up right out of the gloominess of the mid-winter season.


  1. Take care of yourself

Although it seems obvious, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to make sure that you are physically and mentally on track. With no end to the school year in sight and sicknesses flying around like bugs, this is especially an important time to make sure that you are staying healthy. From making healthy eating choices (besides those holiday leftovers, of course!), to taking warm baths, or simply taking ten or twenty minutes of the day just to relax and reflect, there are so many different ways you can keep yourself feeling your best after the holiday season.