January College Poem


Twas the week before christmas

and all through the halls,

all the seniors were waiting

for college acceptance calls.


For on December 15,

Students will eagerly check their mail

To find letters from institutions

Like Harvard and Yale


Though some who applied ED

Found out on December one

While some were disappointed

Others had fun


Take Zack Bacino for instance

Who got into TCNJ

He also received a scholarship

Leaving him less to pay


Others applied rolling

To schools far and wide

So they would find out in two weeks

To the schools they applied


Tim Hough did just that

And applied to Rowan

He also found out

On a day that was snowing


Erin Devine applied rolling

A few months ago

To Kutztown University

Next year she will go


The days count down

And the seniors await

But until then

Their physics tests await


For midyear grades

Will still be released

And if the seniors don’t study

Bad news, they will greet


But that shouldn’t be a problem

At central this time

Cause we all know the students

Find not studying to be a crime


Though some who play sports

Have a whole different ordeal

As with schools who display interest

Offer a deal


Students sign on the line

And initial here

And to that school they will go

In the coming year


Radha Dooley took part

In this annual event

She will go to Fordham in the fall

As she signed with a pen


Pasquale V as well

Signed on the line

For Stevens will be winning

Their wrestling matches in no time


For those who applied early

Can also get a surprise

As some schools release their acceptances

Before the notification deadline


Rachel Oddy for one

Was excited to see

When she got accepted to Pace

One month early


No matter the result

Know your future is bright

Happy New Year’s red devils

And to all a good night