Pay Attention; The Breakdown of Tech in the Classroom


Andrea Arpastean, Opinons

Over the past few years, the impact of technology on our day to day lives is undeniable, whether it be watching Netflix, cramming in that last minute essay on Google Docs, or even calling an Uber. When used correctly, devices such as phones and laptops can teach us things we were unaware of. However, with new forms of social media and various games, technology can be more distracting than beneficial.

Recently, schools have been investing in technology for classrooms to enhance students’ learning, whether it be new laptops or even virtual reality headsets. Additionally, students are granted the privilege to bring their phones to school. Now I am sure most everyone has heard this famous quote from Spiderman- “With great power comes great responsibility.” With this in mind, it is our duty to make sure we are using our devices appropriately and responsibly to complete our assignments on time. With that being said, due to the internet access at our fingertips, more specifically social media and games, we tend to distract ourselves with miscellaneous tasks that prevent us from being productive. As we discover additional ways to procrastinate in the classroom, many of us realize that technology may not be the best option in order to complete work during school.

Based on a few viewpoints of HC students, technology does in fact seem to be beneficial for many. However, there are always going to be distractions. Gabby Pelosi, a sophomore, stated, “technology does not seem to be an issue in the classroom if the teachers advise us to put our phones away.” On the other hand, Emma Matza’s response contradicts this. “Many of my peers in school get easily distracted by playing games on their Chromebooks. A lot of the websites are blocked by the school now though.”

Technology has advanced in several different ways over the past few decades; however, students should take responsibility into their own hands when it comes to using technology for school assignments.