the NEW 800s Lounge

Did you see it?  If you have been in the 11/12 building this year, then you may have noticed a big change.  Over the summer, Hunterdon Central renovated part of the 800s hallway, creating an open, common area with benches for students. This area is now a popular lunch and social spot for Central students to enjoy.

Since it is relatively new, there is a lot of empty space on the walls: space that needs to be filled with something that welcomes it into the Hunterdon Central campus.  Around the rest of the school, some walls are filled with paintings of landscapes, famous historical figures, and nature. In the 600s hallway, there is a painting of the Sorting Hat from the Harry Potter series.  There are many paintings in the 700s hallway of animals and an array of other artwork for the Little Devils Preschool. In addition to wall paintings, the art students occasionally decorate the ceilings, such as the night sky with planets floating in its midst.  In short, there isn’t an inch of white space left in the school — except in the new 800s lounge area.  

In order to add more character and life to the school, Hunterdon Central is allowing seniors to decorate and transform the lounge area into something that speaks to them.  So how do students want to decorate it?  

One student wants to convert that blank space to an area that can brighten someone’s day, “I want to create something that makes people happy as they walk by.  On an ordinary day, when everyone has tests, and then work after school, they can feel pretty stressed out. So I just want to make something that makes them feel less stressed.” He believes in good mental health and wants to help other students who are not feeling their best. If this blank space was transformed into something that encourages a positive mind, many students would benefit.


Anuva Nabiha, a senior, had the idea of creating something that raises the awareness of the challenges that women face, especially those of color.  As the founder of the Young Women of Color club at Central, she strongly believes in the power of women and thinks that it would be beneficial to have the walls reflect this theme. By encouraging girls to reach their full potential, she believes this message would empower young women to go above and beyond in their daily lives.

Another student, Lauren Bruhl, proposes, “I would have everyone in our class sign the walls to commemorate the past four years…This lounge area symbolizes the tight bonds found throughout our class.” She values the friendships and memories that the senior class has made together and wants it to be remembered on the blank space.

These are only a few ideas from the hundreds of seniors at Hunterdon Central.  Together, they can collaborate to create a mosaic that represents the diverse beliefs, values, and creativity that are present in the senior class.  If you are a senior and you have an idea for decorating the senior lounge area, share it with a faculty member and leave a lasting mark on Hunterdon Central.