Wellness Initiative Shows ‘HC Cares’

Central brands its aggressive campaign to address student mental and emotional health crisis.

April 29, 2020


HC Cares is an acronym meaning, “Hunterdon Central Community Attunement Relationships, Resiliency Empathy Sustainability.” The schools’ goal is to make sure every student is safe and in a healthy state of mind through HC Cares. Dr. Carol Webb the director of Special Education at HCRHS firmly believes in the message of the HC Cares program. “One of the first things you need to do as a teacher before anything else is you need to create a relationship with your students,” Webb said. 

The School has been working with The Center for Great Expectations and more specifically Frank Picone to implement this program at HCRHS. Edward Brandt is the acting principal at HCRHS. “[We are] working on how to employ these strategies as part of the wellness issue to help build positive behavior,” he said.  

One of the first things you need to do as a teacher before anything else is you need to create a relationship with your students. If you create relationships, that promotes wellness.”

— Dr. Carol Webb

The HC Cares focuses strongly on student safety and security. The program’s goal is to fix and observe the problems of the students to prevent issues. HC Cares works with staff to coach them on how to have a common language with the students.

The steering committee led by Dr. Warren and Ms. Pardiso, have also started to plan for next year. They are asking to be involved on the 2020 climate survey that Dr. Jefferey Moore, the Superintendent of HCRHS, will be sending out. 

HCRHS has made this their top priority. For example, HC Cares is working to have every teacher implement it into their classroom. 

One of HC Cares main goals is to leave a positive impact on everyone in the program including students, counselors, teachers and support staff.

The goal of the program is to have HC Cares a vital part of the school community. Both Warren and Paradisio agree that it will take time. They also agree that for the program to be successful it must be taught at a younger age.

“To be successful it must be taught at the lower grade levels,” Paradisio said.

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