Hunterdon Central’s Red Devil Ambassadors


Currently, in America, the average high school roster does not exceed more than 700 students per class, making Hunterdon Central High School a rare exception. Though many students at Hunterdon Central have gotten used to the overcrowded cafeterias, the dense flow of traffic down the halls, and the scattered classrooms around campus, for new students, high school can appear daunting. Even for students coming from Hunterdon Central’s sending districts, the transition feels like a task comparable to climbing Mount Everest. Without a helping hand, there is little confidence that many could make it from classroom 310 to classroom 920 on their first day of high school. This is where the Red Devil Ambassadors step in. The Red Devil Ambassadors’ primary goal is to help new incoming students transition to life at Hunterdon Central. RDA’s are a group made up of a small number of students from grades 10 to 12. Duties include assisting with freshman orientation, traveling to the middle schools to prepare the incoming students, as well as bringing the school closer together by being a part of Counseling Services. One of the year-long duties that is assigned to the Red Devil Ambassadors is to welcome new students by walking them to all of their classes, and teaching them how Central functions. Since the RDA’s are the first people many students meet, they help them get their essential Hunterdon Central tools, such as their new IDs and Chromebooks. The Ambassadors also run We Dine Together, a club at Central which meets during unit lunch. During this time, students meet new friends, play games, and get to bond with one another. 

During these difficult times, the Ambassadors have had to change and adapt their goals to fit the hybrid schooling model. They continue to help new students by walking them to their classes. It has proven to be difficult helping new students socialize with masks and social distancing, however, the Ambassadors always stay optimistic and try to spread positivity. They also continue to meet on virtual Wednesdays for We Dine Together. This year, the We Dine Together members put posters up with the responses to the google form from the Week of Respect with post-its notes throughout the school to spread cheer around the holidays. They are always welcoming new members, and for those who are interested, the Google Classroom code is xgocn7g.  On December 3rd, the Red Devil Ambassadors welcomed eleven new sophomore RDAs after nominations and several rigorous interviews. They will start Ambassador training in the beginning of February. The sixteen junior and senior RDAs are so happy to have a new generation joining them this year!