We Own How We Love

Hannah Pecoraro

We own our desire to make each other happy…

to serve the same God that teaches us how to love correctly.

For the Bible states, “Love is patient, Love is kind”


We own our efforts to stay humble in how we love one another…

For the Bible states, “Love does not envy, Love does not boast.”


We own the decision to forgive and forget when we do each other wrong…

For the Bible states,  “Love is not easily angered, Love does not keep 

record of wrong doings.”


We own the way we provide refuge in the way we love each other…

For the Bible states, “Love protects, it always trusts, 

it always hopes, and always preserves”


If the love you give each other is unsuccessful, it was never love.

For the Bible states. “Love. Never. Fails.”

Thus, we do not own the choice of our soulmate, this was given unto us from God above.


We own the decision of who we want to love,

But the love we want is not for us;

For God has the love we need waiting.. behind closed doors


These doors, protect us from our broken past 

And provide an opening to a prosperous future.


Though we do not own these doors

These doors do not open on our command, but on the command of

The creator of the Universe