Flemington Ice Arena

Aarya Kale

The Flemington Ice Arena, formerly known as Aspen Ice, is the only indoor ice rink in Hunterdon County. When word of Aspen Ice’s closing got out, part-owner Mike Murphy explained it was scheduled to close on March 29, 2015, due to “undisclosed business reasons”. But, soccer dad Brian Whiteley started up a Facebook page called, “Save Flemington Ice Rink,” to prevent the rumors of the ice rink’s closing from turning into reality. They had to come up with a new name for the establishment and they had eventually agreed on the Flemington Ice Arena, due to its close proximity to Flemington, about 1.5 miles. Others continued to back up this idea to ensure that the rink would be able to make a return due to their love of being on the ice. The Flemington Ice Arena brings many people joy; hockey players, figure skaters, etc. have found it to be a place where they have the ability to express themselves and practice what they love. This was made clear through the tremendous amount of support that was shown through their “Save Flemington Ice Rink” Facebook page and we continue to see this with the number of people who attend the rink. 

Now, the ice arena offers many different programs, from ice hockey to figure skating to skating lessons, and one of their most popular events: the public skate. In regards to hockey, there will be pre-tryout clinics throughout the month of April on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There will also be an 8-week session from March 3rd through May 5th for those interested in learning how to play ice hockey. This will be held every Wednesday from 5-6pm and is a great opportunity to get some experience playing ice hockey. 

Not only are there events for the hockey players, but figure skaters also have the opportunity to grow their skills and gain more experience through the arena as well. Figure skaters have the ability to schedule practice sessions with a coach to further their learning. Not only will they have access to coaches, but they will also have the ability to freestyle and get more time on the rink to improve their tricks and skills. 

With all of the special events geared towards those who can skate, it’s hard to feel involved if you’re not the greatest of skaters. Well, the Flemington Ice Arena still has opportunities for those who may be lacking in the ice skating department. There are “Learn to Skate ” sessions that are not only available in the winter, but in the spring as well. From March 28th through May 23rd there will be sessions in which you can learn how to skate. Not only are children invited to participate, but there are also adult sessions available for those who are willing and wanting to learn. Any and all registration info can be found on the arena’s website, https://flemingtonice.com/

One of the most popular events that the rink holds are the public skates, where anyone and everyone can use the ice. With the warmer months coming, finding a way to cool off is something that we all need. Not only can you skate for your own enjoyment but you and your friends can enjoy the rink in a community setting. Keeping the COVID restrictions in mind, it can be the perfect time to reconnect with friends and family in a fun and safe way! Wearing a mask and social distancing is something that the rink values and expects its customers to comply with in order to ensure the safety of yourself and others around you. But, of course, they want you to have a good time. Whether it be through hockey, skating lessons, or a free skate, the Flemington Ice Arena’s goal is always to provide a safe and fun skating experience to those who wish to take a chance on the ice.