Let’s Improve Our Lifestyle


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Sneha Panchani, Student Life

Health contributes to general well-being and overall lifestyle. It includes the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Good health habits must be made to maintain basic health. There are several factors in a student’s life that can make them healthy or unhealthy. 

Basic nutrition is essential for the body to properly function. Today, we are facing dietary choices and nutritional challenges. School is a challenging setting in which it is difficult to maintain good nutrition. Many students consume half the amount of calories in a day from a normal diet. This can overall affect the student’s performance in school because food provides our body and mind with the necessary energy to be active and learn. Poor nutrition can put students at risk for various medical problems. When a student is maintaining a poor diet immediate signs of fatigue, stress and anxiety are noticed. Some students may eat a balanced, nutritious diet in school but it takes effort to get into the habitat. Incorporating different food groups like vegetables, fruit, grains, and dairy can set you in the path for a nutritious diet. 

Another common problem in high school students is insufficient sleep. Sleep is a natural state for humans when they are tired. Lack of sleep can make you feel tired and weak. Sleep-deprivation had caused many students to fall asleep in class and perform poorly on tests. High-quality sleep is important for a student’s life because it positively impacts their life in school. 

Daily exercise is another aspect that is important for a student’s health. Exercising has great health benefits to keep your body active and boost your immune system. Involving in sports or a local gym is a good idea for students after school. Exercising can help boost one’s moods and relieve stress. 

Students should focus on consuming a balanced diet, staying hydrated and getting an adequate amount of sleep, together with exercise. Let’s set a new goal for ourselves!