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Central is Getting Bigger (Literally)

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay

Courtesy of Pixabay


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By now, most of us have noticed the construction out in front of the fieldhouse lot. It has altered students’ routes to Walmart, Delizia’s, and Buffalo Wild Wings and has forced students alongside the road to move between the Commons and Field House parking lots from outside. Many are unaware, though, that this means Central is in the process of getting a new addition; a new weight room is on the way, and the school hopes to have it done as soon as possible.

The 1.9 million dollar project is said to be 5,000 square feet of some of the newest lifting technologies. Its construction is being headed by the new Athletic Director, Michael Raymond, and weightlifting trainer and coach, Paul Kolody, with the hopes of providing all Hunterdon Central students and athletes with a new training hub.

“I think it’s going to be great for the school because the weight room we have now is just so small compared to the amount of kids that we have in there, and it’s just kind of counterproductive to the lifting program, and the program has really helped us so much,” commented senior Conall J., a quarterback for the Varsity Football Team and Captain of the Boys Track and Field Team. In addition to what Hunterdon Central has in its current facilities, the weight room will feature an indoor turf area for winter speed and agility where teams can warm up before practice. In addition to the turf, “target area centers” will be available as well for students who have specific wants and needs. “If a student wants to get faster, we’ll work on their core. If a student wants to gain power, we’ll give them body weight exercises,” Kolody explained.

Coach Kolody is no newcomer to the world of designing athletic facilities. He helped open the Somerset Patriots rehabilitation center and workout room, and he has high hopes for Central’s new addition.

I spoke recently with Coach Kolody, who headed the design on the addition and insisted that this space will be more than just a weight room; it will be a place of learning. He sees the facility as a place where students can learn about nutrition, movement, and the body. It will also be available for every student at Central. “My goal is you, all 3,042 of you. My job is to coach and teach. I want to break the mentality that only athletes can work out and live healthily,” he explained. Coach Kolody made it clear that he is, and would like to even moreso be, available after school for each and every student, no matter what their needs.

With construction now underway, you might want to think about canceling your gym membership, because it looks like Central has one for you.

Weight Room addition under construction

Courtesy of Isabella Carrega


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Central is Getting Bigger (Literally)