Memes, Monsters and More: The Fall Trends of 2018


Julia Wierzbicki, Front Page Editor

Ah, fall. A time of pumpkin spice, scary movies and free candy. The transition months bridging summer into winter have a little something for everyone and every year, there seem to be new fads that emerge from the reddening leaves and ripening apples. Let’s take a look at some of the new trends currently taking the Hunterdon Central area by storm.

When someone mentions “overalls,” most people’s first thought is of a farmer or one of the yellow Despicable Me minions. But no longer are the jean clothing item constricted to such few platforms. Overall dresses and skirts have begun to make appearances in the clothing industry, and not just in faded-jean style. Many stores now offer them in various colors and styles, crafting the perfect clothing item for an “overall” perfect fall look.

Haunted attractions have always been a staple of the month of October, and this year the Flemington area has kicked it up a notch. The popular Schaefer Farms Fright-Fest has taken to including new sequences from trendy horror films such as The Nun, Halloween, The Purge, and more. The Scare Farm of Hillsborough, NJ also has promising frights in store for horror-seekers, including attractions such as the “Slay Ride” and “Paranoia.”

The Dunkin’ Donuts off of NJ-31 has always been a favorite of Central students, and now the chain coffee shop has even more fall delicacies to offer after a long day at school. From maple cream cheese spread for bagels to an apple crisp donut, under- and upperclassmen alike are sure to satisfy all their fall cravings at the DD. If you can manage putting off one pumpkin spice latte, I would personally recommend trying the maple-pecan flavored coffee. It’s sure to be a new fall favorite!

Finally, how could we talk about what’s hot without mentioning the current trending memes? At the moment, the “Bongo Cat” is one of the most popular (and pure) memes circulating the web. There are also a few from Avengers: Infinity War that are still making the rounds as well as the more than a little unnerving “Johnny Johnny Yes Papa.” We are all aware, though, that memes have a very short lifespan, so we are sure to see changes in these meme trends as the weeks go on.

No matter how you like to spend the fall season, we can all agree that it’s a fun time of year. Whether you’re a horror-fanatic or a coffee drinker, there’s a little something for everyone. Just be sure to enjoy the fall season while it lasts and remember: the holiday season starts November 1st.


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