Treat Yourself Quiz

Your friend just called sick and cancelled your plans! Do you…

  1. Take advantage of the opportunity and have a nice spa night!
  2. Mope and shade them on your finsta.
  3. Ask another friend to hang out, gotta stay busy!

You have way too much homework, and it’s already 11 pm! Do you…

  1. Decide to finish some tonight but still have some to rush through tomorrow.
  2. Leave it all for tomorrow and turn on netflix. C’s get degrees!
  3. Pull an all nighter and finish all your homework with 1 hour left until you have to wake up.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

  1. Hang out with a friend and go to the movies!
  2. Rush to the mall and take advantage of the latest sale.
  3. Sleep. In. You’ve definitely earned it!

What is your ideal place to live in?

  1. Anywhere where I can have summer warmth and still have a white christmas!
  2. A beach house somewhere warm, sunny, and tropical.
  3. An apartment in the city with a skyline view.

And finally, what was the best gift you got this holiday season?

  1. A bunch of candy from various secret santa’s.
  2. A new eyeshadow palette and an American Eagle gift card.
  3. A break from the stress of finals season!


If you got mostly A’s

Make a new playlist and take a bubble bath!

This holiday season, you can take advantage of the latest & greatest hits and treat yourself to a relaxing night. Maybe trade playlists with a friend or find a song from our article above!


If you got mostly B’s

Treat yourself to a new winter coat!

As the weather turns impossibly colder and colder, treating yourself to a new winter coat is a great way to stay warm! While some winter coats aren’t the most fashion forward, some of our options are great for staying warm and fashionable!


If you got mostly C’s

Host a personal spa day!

As the end of the semester looms closer and closer, the best thing you could use is a break! Your busy habits may be helpful for grades, but make sure you stay happy & healthy!