World Language Night


Kaitlin Redling, Feature

Language is a way to express ourselves to those around us. Here at Hunterdon Central, there is a variety of World Languages offered. These consist of: Chinese, French, German, Latin, and Spanish. In these classes, students not only learn the linguistics but the culture as well. National World Language Week is March 4th-8th, but the World Language Honor Societies will be hosting a World Language Night on March 13th from 6-8:30pm in the Hunterdon Central Commons. The Seal of Biliteracy will also be awarded during this event to students who passed the STAMP exam and have studied and reached proficiency in a language during their high school years. The STAMP test is a four part standardized assessment that students took spread out over four class periods. This test is geared towards junior and senior classes. Much like many other standardized tests nowadays, the STAMP test is taken online. The four sections of the test are: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The test is designed to assess the student’s’ proficiency in the language. People from all over the community are welcome to participate in a night filled with international snacks, games, crafts, activities, and live performances. Children from the community are strongly encouraged to come to explore cultures of other places and learn about other languages. The flyer for the night is posted on the “virtual backpack” section on the elementary school websites. Not only is it a night to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the students who will be receiving their seal of biliteracy but also a night to celebrate the diverse and interesting cultures that these language classes expose students to. This year’s national theme is “Languages are the Keys to the World” and we hope that you will unlock some of what language has to offer!