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Molly Fiske, Online Editor & Coffee Enthusiast

Molly Fiske:

📍 Rook Coffee, Freehold NJ

7/10- I freakin love Rook, I got the vanilla spice latte, and the Mocha latte. Overall pretty good, but lack of flavor in the mocha. I also deducted points because I had to drive an hour and a half to get there, Rook please build a store in Hunterdon. please. I definitely recommend Rook and its overall high on my list too, only available closer to the jersey shore, is environmentally sustainable and encompasses the jersey spirit. I recommend the Vanilla Latte & The cold brew they have on tap. Smooth, and not too bitter. However, not sure how many shots go into a latte, but the lattes could be a bit stronger and less milky. Their staff is also super nice and spells my name right.