Early Bird Espresso- Mollys Koffee Review


Molly Fiske, Online Editor & Coffee Enthusiast

📍Early Bird Cafe, Frenchtown NJ
today I went to Early Bird Cafe in Frenchtown! It’s really gorgeous on the inside and has really great natural light which is great for beautiful sunny days because it feels like you’re still outside. Although I had the stress of midterms & college I kept my headphones out of my ears and enjoyed the music they were playing and the people around me too. I got a cold brew and an almond croissant, there’s a nice menu and a good variety of pastries. Nothing too overwhelming or ‘pretentious’ like some coffee shops chose to be. I wouldn’t come back here because the drink was memorable, but really because of the workspace and the people were lovely. 6/10⭐️🌟