Seniors use art to spread ‘Hope’

Mural will be hung in the new 800s student lounge


Members of the Student Wellness Advisory Group created a mural based on student responses to promote hope and generate a discussion about mental health.

The seven senior girls (Danielle Serrao, Meher Muzaffar, Bella DePaola, Casey Miller, Caroline Waters, Katie Bristol and Julia Friedhoff) are in the process of completing a mural that will be placed in the new lounge area in the 800’s. Earlier in the year, students answered a question that asked how they feel in one word. The mural is largely based on the survey, conveying how students feel. 

After recent student deaths, a movement towards advocating for mental health has begun.  


Senior Bella DePaola has always been an advocate for mental health, striving to help those in need any way she can, and using her creative skills to put smiles on kids’ faces. “We aren’t all artists but we are here because we want the school to change more about mental health,” she said. 

The word “hope” is portrayed throughout the entire mural. Senior Caroline Waters explained why the word “hope” drove this painting. “We thought the word hope was really relevant to all the stuff we went through as a class,” she said.

Senior Casey Miller reflected on what the 2020 class has been through over the years, things that no student should ever have to go through at such a young age; however, she’s making it possible to find hope through creativity. “Our class has dealt with a lot of negative and traumatic stuff,” she said.

As of now, the area in the 800s hallway where they plan to install the mural, the walls are completely empty. The students feel that creating this mural and putting it on display will best portray the message of “hope” they are trying to spread. 

Julia Friedhoff emphasized how bland that area is and how they want to make it a better place. “A big part of what we want to do is make students smile when they walk by the 800s,” she said.