Roving Reporter: “Seniors, how would you feel if college next fall is virtual?”


“I would obviously be a little disappointed, but I’d rather everyone be safe. I know that I would still be able to make the best of the situation. I could still meet new people through Zoom and make connections with my professors! 

~Emily Qian





“While I know that online college is an important step to take in order to work away from COVID-19, I am really saddened that we can’t have the freshman college experience that we thought we would.”

~Muhammad Hammed





“Heartbroken and disappointed in our trusted officials for allowing that to happen”

~Matt D’Alessandro








“I think that if by the time I will be heading off to college and the virus is still around with the heavy and much needed mandates that there are now, I might try to defer and take a gap year. I really don’t want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on a degree that I won’t get the most out of because I won’t be able to take my first year classes in person.”

~Isabelle Conklin