Senior Spotlight: Alison Cedarbaum


Alison Cedarbaum, a senior at Hunterdon Central, has always been fascinated by politics and social justice. It was not until joining Model United Nations and Youth and Government, though, that she was able to channel her passion into a productive discussion and substantive action. By participating in the YMCA’s Civic Engagement programs of Model United Nations and Youth and Government, Alison gained new insights about servant leadership, the need for political unity, and the value of the youth voice.

Through these Civic Engagement organizations, Alison has represented Hunterdon Central at annual conferences since her freshman year, during which she has debated state, national, and international issues with hundreds of peers. Over the years of participating in these conferences, Alison has been lucky to form friendships throughout the nation and has been inspired by the intelligence and motivation of her civically engaged peers. She has also gained the opportunities to attend the Y’s Conference on National Affairs, build new service programs and initiatives, and advocate for members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill. 

Today, Alison serves as the Youth Governor of NJ YMCA Youth and Government, the World Health Organization Chair of the Y’s Mid-Atlantic Model United Nations, and is in leadership positions for both of these programs’ delegations at Hunterdon Central. While all of these positions have brought her immense fulfillment, she is ultimately impacted most by lessons she has learned from Civic Engagement: that true leadership is centered around support and empowerment of others, and that true political progress comes from a balance between cooperation and conviction.

Looking to the future, Alison is planning to study international relations and political science in college. Though hopes for specific schools and focuses of study are always in flux, she is determined to use her future education to bolster social, economic, and political action that will benefit the people and world around her.