Eight Useful Tips For Fully-Remote Students


Sophia Mondelli

Participating in school without actually being in person can be difficult. Having limited social interaction and staring at a glowing box for hours can make school seem tedious and extremely frustrating. Here are eight tips to make your school day more relaxing and easier…

  1. Staring at a computer screen for hours can be tough on the eyes and make them feel as though they are straining. Nevertheless, you can purchase blue light glasses on Amazon which will protect your eyes for fair prices. If you currently use glasses, check out companies such as Warby Parker, who instill both prescription lenses and blue light protection into the frames. 
  2. Similar to the blue light glasses, there is a free chrome-extension called Dark Reader, which can make your screen black rather than white to reduce brightness. This can also reduce the strain on one’s eyes. 
  3. Try NOT to wake up a minute before your first class. Although the idea of sleeping longer seems tempting, it will be beneficial to get out of bed at least 15 minutes earlier to grab some breakfast, wash up, and drink plenty of water to fuel your body and get the day started right. 
  4. There are plenty of distractions when being home during school. Save your personal screen time for later by turning off any digital notifications, and find a quiet place for class so you can focus easily.
  5. Breaks are essential to avoid overworking yourself and for protecting your mental health. In between classes, consider stretching, listening to music, meditating, reading, drawing, or doing whatever makes you feel most relaxed.
  6. Staying organized is crucial, regardless of whether you are fully-remote or hybrid. It is recommended to write down all the different bell schedules and to use an agenda, Google Calendar, a planner, or any other calendar method.
  7. Avoid attending classes in bed. This will create a stressful environment in a place where you are supposed to relax. Also, it will make you feel sleepy and unfocused. Try to sit at a desk or counter instead.
  8. Being at home 24/7 can feel unmotivating at times, so it is recommended to do your homework as soon as you can to avoid unwanted stress and late work. Remember to wait until after you have completed your assignments to reward yourself with personal screen time. 

These tips will ultimately guide you to a better learning environment and will add value to your school day. Good luck, stay safe, and see you on Zoom!