Hunterdon Central’s IMC: Find New Ways to Get Involved

Devon Garutti

A warm cup of coffee at the IMC’s Coffeehouse, a shortcut to the other campus during the winter, interactive events in the Maker’s Space — the IMC is known for its collaborative activities and environment. Standing at the center of the campus, the IMC serves as a great space for students to work, create, and spend time with friends. Normally, Central’s library offers a variety of activities for students to enjoy, and it is no different now. Even though Hunterdon Central is in a hybrid format for school, the IMC is still providing help for students.  While many classes are not taking place within the IMC, and we cannot use the Makerspace for projects, there are still many ways Central students can get involved with the IMC.  

Just as in previous years, students are still able to borrow books from the IMC, it’s just a little bit different this year.  This year, to get a book, you can check out the exact book you want or you can fill out a form about the types of books you like and the librarians will choose a book for you.  When browsing for books, you need to use Destiny Discover, which is found on the IMC Library page of the school’s website.  On Destiny Discover, you can choose books depending on genre, or search for a book title or author.  When you get one, it is left in your English classroom for you to pick up and use.  

Throughout the first semester, the IMC also held virtual Tinker Tuesday sessions after school.  The activities from these sessions ranged from learning how to use the important sites for virtual school to playing games and making crafts.  The IMC also has some of these instructional videos for important school websites on the Library page.

The IMC is also very active on both their Instagram, @hc_imc, and Twitter, @imc_hc, with weekly games, activities, and other ways to keep students engaged.  One activity that they do is Travel Tuesday; each week a different place around the world is posted on their Instagram story  Some of the previous destinations include Greece, California, Australia, Sweden, and many more.  For each location, different activities for the locations are listed as well as books to read that have to do with that area.  They are also doing a Valentine’s Day activity this year, where you choose a book to go on a “date” with.  You can pick up the book and each one comes with chocolates.  

The IMC is doing what they can to keep students engaged through the hybrid schedule of school.  Even though we may not be able to hang out in the IMC during Unit Lunch to complete projects or work this year, there are still other ways that you can get involved in the activities they are doing.