QUIZ: Plan the Perfect Day At Central and We’ll Tell You What Type of College to Attend

Josie Estes

1. How will you get to school today?

a. The bus

b. A ride from a parent/a senior friend

c. You drive yourself

d. You live close enough to walk 


2. Where will you wait until school starts?

a. The 300s hallway

b. The commons

c. A freshman cafeteria

d. The 600s 


3. You got a pass to go to your counselor, which block is it for?

a. Block 1

b. Block 2

c. Block 3

d. Block 4


4. It’s unit lunch: where are you eating? 

a. Outside on the bleachers

b. The sophomore cafeteria

c. The fieldhouse

d. The commons 


5. What will you eat today? 

a. The cafeteria special

b. Something from the American Grille

c. Pizza

d. Lunch from home


6. Which is your favorite class of the day? 

a. Your elective

b. English

c. P.E.

d. Science


7. Your class is leaving the classroom, where are you going?

a. The little theater

b. The IMC

c. Somewhere outside on campus

d. The auditorium

8. Where are you going after school?

a. A club meeting

b. Dunkin’ with friends

c. Sport practice/ a game

d. Tutorial for extra help in a class


Mostly A’s

You Got: Art School!

(schools like Pratt, RISD, SCAD) You thrive in a community of creative students who are looking to explore all of their talents and go into the world of art and design!


Mostly B’s

You Got: A City School!

(schools like NYU, Boston University, UCLA) You do best in environments with tons of people, and what place is better for finding lots of other students than an urban campus! 


Mostly C’s

You Got: A Division 1 School!

(schools like Penn State, UNC, Ohio State) You love sports and staying active, whether through watching them or playing them. At a school with the best teams, you could never get bored of being a fan or playing the game!


Mostly D’s

You Got: A STEM school!

(schools like MIT, Rutgers, Texas Tech) Your studies are your first priority, and science and math are most likely your best subjects! A school with good programs for these is probably the best fit for you!