Roving Reporter: What is your favorite verified Instagram account and why?


“I spend over 2 hours a day on Instagram, or at least that’s what my screen time tells me. And in my expert opinion, any of these accounts hit the spot, whether it’s comedy, newsworthy, or something with a little heart, these accounts never fail: @fayedunaway (SNL member/actor: Bowen Yang), @r.h.sin (Author: r. h. sin), @joe_gatto (Member of impractical jokers: Joe Gatto), @mrdoodle (Artist: Mr. Doodle), @Stephenglickman (Actor, known for role as Gustavo in Big Time Rush: Stephen Kramer Glickman), @rupikaur_ (Author: Rupi Kaur) @cleowade (Author: Cleo Wade), @spongebob (Show: Spongebob Squarepants), @Chinamcclain (Artist/actress: China Ann McClain), @thedailyshow (Show: The Daily Show). All these accounts just know how to lift my spirits and make sure I have a blessed day, so follow them and enjoy them as much (or hopefully more) than I do.”

~Isabelle Conklin ‘21



“My favorite verified account is @plazadeaubrey; she doesn’t change herself for the camera and always posts anything that she wants. I like that she does not feel the need to censor her personality to the eyes of the public.”


~Mary Nazzaro ‘21



“Probably Madison Beer because her outfits are amazing and she just posts whatever she wants.”

~ Sarina Zafar 21’



“National Geographic. I don’t really use Instagram, but when I do my first stop is Natgeo!”

~ Abby Davidson 22’ 



“If you read any of the captions of Camera Duels they’re all quite funny”

~Emily Newton 21’ 



“Probably Dominic Fike – he’s the best musical artist I’ve ever heard, also his content is amazing!” 

~ Andrea Larson 21’