Taking Steps to Save the Environment with the Student Environmental Alliance


Lauren Benson

Despite the drawbacks of COVID-19, Hunterdon Central’s Student Environmental Alliance is still striving to make a difference. While they can no longer meet in person, the club continues to meet via Google Meet in an attempt to make the world a greener place. 

Besides advising their members on ways to reduce their own impact on the environment, the alliance educates students and staff at Hunterdon Central of what they can do to help out as well. Club members have been creating commercials for the morning announcements to teach everyone about an aspect of the environment. Their next commercial project is going to be about what you can and can’t recycle at school. They hope that their efforts will help reduce the amount of waste Central produces, and they plan on making a new commercial each month on a new topic to continue spreading awareness. 

Another way the club plans to spread information is by making fliers to hang in the halls about how to compost, in hopes that people will take an interest and gain knowledge about the topic.

While COVID-19 has made it difficult to take action, the club supervisor and student officers continue to make sure to share links to petitions that the members can sign to help protect the environment. Many significant examples include putting a stop to drilling in the arctic, to protect pollinators and another about ending fossil fuel consumption. The alliance’s efforts in signing these petitions help to protect the environment worldwide. 

Even though there have been many challenges this year, the alliance is working hard to try to keep their mission alive–their mission to help protect our environment. The Student Environmental Alliance meets once a month over Google Meets on Thursdays at 2:15 pm. If you are interested contact the president Dalton Schengrund or the supervisor Ms. Berenger at [email protected] or [email protected].