6 Accessories That’ll “Spring-up” Any Outfit

Mykaylah Moran

The snow is finally melting away and temperatures are rising, which means that Spring is finally here! With every new season comes new trends and must-haves in fashion, and these pieces are meant to help keep the fashion world inspiring, interesting, appealing to everyone. Adding any type of accessory can take an outfit from one extreme to the next. Below are some of the top accessories that are going to be seen this Spring. 


Mini Shoulder Bags

Mini Shoulder bags were already introduced years ago, but 2021 has made them much more versatile. These bags can be seen paired with jeans and a basic tee or a more put together outfit, and still look great. To add, there are an array of different patterns to choose from; such as cow, snake, cheetah print and a variety of different colors, making it super easy to pair with any outfit. Not only does it spice up an ensemble, but it is also a very convenient accessory. It can hold small everyday essentials, keeping anyone hands-free while on the go. 


Platform Sandals

Sandals that have a platform help make any attire look more elegant and styled, while also adding some height. A practical aspect with platform sandals is that they can be significantly more comfortable than heels. Platform sandals have been seen in the past to come out once the weather begins to warm up. In Spring, these shoes will most likely be paired with wide leg pants, sundresses, mom and boyfriend jeans, skirts, and more. Based off of the clothing items listed, it can be said that these sandals are perfect for any style and event. 


Chunky Chain Jewelry 

Statement jewelry is going to be very apparent this Spring, especially in the trend of chunky chain jewelry. These bigger chains are a great addition for a sophisticated or edgy look. If someone was aiming for a more polished look, they might go for chunkier earrings or bracelets. To direct a bolder outfit, one might opt for thick necklaces because of their uniqueness. Although this type of statement jewelry might not be for everyone, it may be worth the try because of the flexibility it has within fashion. 



Oversized blazers have recently been revamped as a way to add a whole other level of elegance and chic to any outfit. This outerwear can also create a long line silhouette and add the effect of longer legs. Similar to the accessories above, the blazer has many options when it comes to styling it. Some can throw it on with cargo pants and a neutral top, while others can match it with a long dress and knee-high boots. A few colors that can be expected to be seen with this trend this spring are charcoal, louis blue, and other neutrals. 


Slim Fashion Sunglasses

Slim Fashion Sunglasses are an accessory must-have that are being revived this spring. They date back to the 50s and originally made their comeback in summer of 2019. This spring, there will be dozens wearing these skinny glasses because of the high-fashion aesthetic that it brings to an outfit. There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to these glasses, and they all bring a different aspect of elevation. 


These are some fashion staples to add to the closet for spring 2021. All of them can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Versatility seems to be a big craze in the fashion industry this year, bringing more styles and variety to find your aesthetic.