QUIZ: What Do Your Memorial Day Weekend Plans Say About You?

Josie Estes

Happy Memorial Day from the Lamp! Answer the questions below with what best describes your perfect MDW and see what we think that says about your personality!


  1. Where are you spending your time this weekend?

a. At the beach

b. Poolside

c. Picnics and barbecues

d. Finding Memorial Day sales at the mall


  1. What is your favorite traditional Memorial Day food?

a. Watermelon

b. Hot dogs

c. Blueberry pie

d. s’mores


  1. Who are you spending your weekend with?

a. A group of friends

b. Your family

c. The whole neighborhood

d. Your closest friend


  1. What festive festive (potentially dangerous) explosives are your favorite?

a. Sparklers

b. Fireworks

c. Firecrackers

d. You’re sticking with glow sticks this holiday


  1. How will you spend your MDW evening?

a. Planning out your summer

b. Sitting by a campfire

c. Watching the first fireflies come out

d. Enjoying the air conditioning inside


Now read below to find your results:


Mostly A’s…

You have an outgoing personality and you are always up for an adventure or even just a good time out with friends doing something simple. 


Mostly B’s…

You opt for a calming, peaceful day with a small group of people you really care about rather than a life that is full of commotion where something is always going on. 


Mostly C’s…

You are energetic and love to spend time with people, most of the time, but you also don’t mind taking time out of your day to be by yourself and relax, even just for a little while. 


Mostly D’s…

You’re probably more of a winter person, summer and all of the outdoor activities that come along with it just aren’t really your thing. Don’t worry, come December and you’re the life of the party!