Maskless Party in England Aye


Isabelle Conklin

Most people were expecting last summer to be a roaring one. Instead, it was roaring with Rona. The Coronavirus canceled many plans for vacations, parties, and concerts, but as the world has learned more about this virus and as more get vaccinated, countries have tried to test the boundaries of the spread. One that was testing on a large scale was England. Liverpool, to be exact. With a concert. 

On May 2nd and 3rd, they were testing out large crowds with no masks and no social distancing. This concert very quickly sold out to 5,000 who were more than glad to be guinea pigs as long as it meant they once again got to listen to live music and were able to bond with friends and strangers over their taste in music. 

To be able to attend this two-day festival, the attendees had to be COVID free for at least 24-hours. People showed up at the door with not only their ticket but their negative COVID test. Once in the festival tent, they could party like it was pre-COVID times. After the two-day event was over, everyone was asked to take a COVID test 5 days after the event, and the research team would compile the data to see in what ways the UK, and potentially the whole world, can start getting back to being together.

There has been a lot of criticism from many research academics that the UK shouldn’t be using people as guinea pigs. Nevertheless, those involved knew the risks going in and wanted to help in figuring out how to get back to ‘normal’ life. But this concert isn’t an isolated study. This is a small part in the bigger research study in the UK called the Events Research Program. Not only are concert venues being tested but also nightclubs, theaters, sports stadiums, and any other locations that hold large group gatherings. 

Getting back to normal will take a lot of testing and a lot of faith, but somehow, someway, the world will get there. This concert, and all events like it, are just a small part in getting us there.