Senior Spotlight: Olivia Angelozzi


Olivia Angelozzi is a senior at Hunterdon Central. Within her 4 years at Central, she has participated in track and cross country to where she has made friends that will last her a lifetime. Throughout her time at Central, she has also been a consistent honor roll student. Additionally, during her senior year, she has also had the opportunity to be in the National Honors Society and the History Honors Society Rho Kappa. 

Within the past year, Olivia has fallen in love with photography. It has always been a hobby for her, but most recently the activity has sparked her interest all over again. She likes to go to Mountain Creek where she takes a bunch of pictures of unique mountain bikers. She has also had her pictures on Mountain Creek Bike Park’s Instagram where over 19,000 people have the opportunity to see her photos. Not only does Olivia go to Mountain Creek to take pictures, but she also goes there during the winter to go skiing with her twin sister/best friend Gianna and her boyfriend Enzo. Mountain Creek has become her happy place and she always has the urge to be there. 

Next year, Olivia plans to attend RVCC to explore her possible endeavors in the future. She enjoys helping others and has always loved working with children. Overall, she wants to find a fun and active profession that allows her to make other people happy. Within her last moments at Central, Olivia plans to spend more time with her sister, her friends, and her family before she starts a new chapter in her life.