Senior Spotlight: Fabianna Rincon


Fabby Rincon, Editor-in-Chief

After four long years of laughter, excitement, tears, stress, anxiety and determination, Fabianna Rincon has finally reached the finish line of her high school career. “Finish Line” may feel unreal to say – how many days has this girl spent curled up mid-panic attack wishing that she’d finally reach graduation? How many times has she checked, double checked, and triple checked her college essays & portals, waiting for the day she could finally dress in her cap and gown. After a long and tiring race, she’s finally at the finish line, and it’s absolutely been a hell of a race for her. 


Fabianna Rincon began her freshman year as a director. Well, she really started off as a nervous freshman rejected from her favorite activities with nowhere else to turn, but in this anxiety, she found a passion for broadcast journalism. By directing short films with her bestfriends, capturing the hopes and dreams of her peers, and creating a time capsule of sorts for her future, she found both a love for documentation and film itself. Throughout her years at Central, that love transformed into a focus on print journalism. Articles, newsletters, marketing, advertisements – she’s tried her hand at them all, and the passion that comes from this art is simply unmatched. As Editor in Chief, she’s fallen in love with the leadership and responsibilities of her school newspaper and found a home in The Lamp over the past four years. 


The phrase Fabby heard the most throughout high school was people saying she had “too much on her plate”. As senior leader of the Madrigals Women’s Honors Choir, President of the National English Honors Society, lead in the 2020 Senior Play, Press Secretary of the school’s chapter of Youth and Government, and an avid participant in dozens of other organizations around the county, it was hard not to feel exhausted throughout her high school career. However, in each of these activities, she found a passion that was brighter than any other. Putting herself into the things that she loved made her feel as if she was barely spending any time at all at these organizations, and each one has a special place in her heart. 


Before heading off to American University to study Political Science & Journalism in the fall, Fabby will spend one last summer as a junior girl counselor at Oak Crest Day Camp. Camp was the place that she grew up in, where she can find her closest friends and happiest memories. As she graduates, she knows that she is reaching one glorious finish line, but an even better race awaits her in D.C.