Senior Spotlight: Anjali Vijan


Anjali Vijan, Editor-in-Chief

In the midst of a global calamity, Editor-in-Chief Anjali Vijan has made it to her last week as a high school senior. Anjali loves to hang out with friends, go thrifting, try new coffee places and vegan restaurants, and listen to music. She spends a lot of her time at her workplace, Basil Bandwagon, as well as being a part of different organizations in and out of school. Over the past several years, Anjali was able to find her voice through many different passions, including The Lamp, Teen Pep, and much more.


Although Anjali was a part of many clubs from the start of high school, especially after attending the freshman social, she truly found her niche her senior year — social justice. After using her voice to speak up about issues happening within the school community, Anjali was invited to be a part of the Equity, Racism, and Diversity Committee, founded the Asian Student Alliance at Central, and has taken so many opportunities to strive for change. Creating the Asian Student Alliance was a way to promote cultural awareness and a sense of togetherness for the Asian community and allies, and Anjali really enjoys co-leading it. She has also been working with other students and staff to incorporate anti-bias growth mindset into the curriculum, and will continue this work in the summer.


With this passion in mind, Anjali will be attending Rutgers University this fall to study Psychology and Social Justice. She has always loved helping people, and cares immensely about mental health. With all these interests in mind, she hopes to become a Clinical Psychologist, and hopes to incorporate racial trauma assistance into her work as well. Anjali is very excited for what’s to come and her future endeavors in life.