A Zodiac Thanksgiving

A traditional Thanksgiving spread with all of the classic dishes present.

A traditional Thanksgiving spread with all of the classic dishes present.

A Thanksgiving feast with all the food you could dream of laid out on the table in front of you. Every dish is different. Some are messier than others, crisper, softer, sweeter, or more bitter. Some go well with others, others you hate paired together, just like people. So let’s turn these dishes into Zodiac signs and see who is bitter and who is sweet.
First on the table is the big, scrumptious turkey that took hours to perfect, making the long wait worth every bite. The turkey on the table would have to be a Leo. Always stealing away the show, drawing the attention of guests just by looking beautiful, Leos know that they are seen, which gives them the glowing confidence they carry everywhere they go.
A soft dish that tastes good with just about anything on the plate, you can never go wrong with stuffing. It can be hard to pick which sides to combine. Stuffing is a Libra. Their indecisive pickings, the desire to talk and get along with everyone, plus how well they get along with Leos, aka the turkey, make Libras an obvious choice for the stuffing.
Everyone loves gravy. It makes the other sides much more flavorful and can completely save that piece of meat that was a little too dry. Spicing up life, just like a Sagittarius would, gravy is the perfect addition to the plate. Everyone loves Sagittariuses. They can cheer you up with their humor and get along with practically everyone. However, they may be a little too much at times, and gravy can be too. You don’t want the plate to be overpowered.
Next is another fan favorite: creamy mashed potatoes. That pile of deliciousness that everyone can’t wait to take a bite of would have to be a Pisces. A little bit messy, but can get along with anyone, Pisces can be a lot more than what’s seen on the surface. They’re always a safe first pick if you don’t know what to take.
Next up on the table is the macaroni and cheese. A true classic, macaroni and cheese is a Thanksgiving staple, just like a Cancer. Cancers are the comforting type, providing a safe space for those around them, just like a cheesy bowl of macaroni, the ultimate comfort classic.
Scorpios, known for their braveness and ambition, would be the perfect salad. Although it may not be everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving food, salads sure do have the nerve to compete against the scrumptious macaroni and cheese and the savory cranberry sauce on either side of it. It’s undeniable that salads are brave, much like a Scorpio.
Cranberry sauce is up next. Something sweet, maybe not the most visually appealing, but when you take a bite it’s always a surprise mouthful of deliciousness. Virgo is cranberry sauce. Often dismissed as unfun, prissy people, Virgos are the type who when you get to know them they steal your heart. 

Another controversial dish that everyone either loves or hates, the cornbread. Cornbread is somehow both sweet and savory, just like a Gemini with their two sides. One side is more loving and gentle while the other may be distant and detached. The dichotomy of Gemini matches that of cornbread.  

The vegetables hold the dish together. Through all the rich, filling goodness the vegetables stay strong to keep the meal at least somewhat healthy. Capricorns, very much like vegetables, keep everything together. They are the glue, full of confidence and strength, making sure everything is running smoothly.

Green bean casserole is a typical Thanksgiving dish in many households. It is an extravagant dish, doing the absolute most to taste as good as it does. Very much like green bean casserole, Tauruses go the extra mile to stand out in every way. 

Pumpkin pie, the last thing you eat on thanksgiving, is like a scrumptious goodbye. Pumpkin pie is an Aquarius. They care to make the world a better place, empathetic and fair, rational and loyal. They’re sweethearts and loved by just about everyone. 

Sweet potato pie is the most chaotic dish on the table, which is why it is the perfect metaphor for Aries. Baked, soft potato smothered in melted marshmallows, a crisp layer of caramelized sugar on top. It makes no sense when it’s broken down, but altogether it’s a creative masterpiece. Aries can be a lot to handle, and they might be an acquired taste, but for those who like them, they find their personalities to be the perfect blend of calm and crazy. 

All these dishes have different qualities and characteristics that make them appealing to different people. But when they come together, they form the perfect meal.