Shamrocks Shakes are like Christmas!


The signature Shamrock Shake at McDonald’s has been a fan favorite for over 50 years. Only something beloved by many could return annually, sparking more enthusiasm by its fans every year. People wait all year to get their hands on one of these, myself included. I have had seven Shamrock Shakes this past St. Patrick’s Day season, and I hope to get in at least one more before the season passes. My family, many of my friends, and I look forward to the return of the Shamrock Shake every year like it’s Christmas. Irish or not, the Shamrock Shake is definitely a classic staple to many. The Shamrock Shake is a sign of spring. It is a break from a long stretch of cold dry weather into the season of life. 

The popularity of the Shamrock Shake has grown so much overtime that many franchises have tried to market copycat versions, like Basil Bandwagon (a healthy but less satisfying version), Dairy Queen, Carvel, and many other places. However, nobody has quite perfected the vanilla-to-mint ratio of the McDonalds seasonal wonder. The secret recipe is not quite so easy to master. It is not exactly the same as a milkshake with mint ice cream, because that does not quite have the same vanilla flavor. The McDonald’s Shamrock Shake recipe is a mystery, being described by the franchise as “vanilla soft serve with Shamrock Shake syrup”. What is Shamrock Shake syrup? Nobody knows, but it makes for the perfect flavor, and nobody can seem to replicate it. I have tried to make my own Shamrock Shake in the off-season many times, and have tried it a million different ways: plain mint ice cream, vanilla ice cream with mint extract, using mint syrup meant for coffee drinks, or even just adding mint leaves to the mix. Nothing ever comes out the same, and maybe that is a big factor that attributes to McDonald’s success in marketing their St. Patty’s Day shakes. Its perfect, unique taste has allowed it to be so popular that McDonalds is now marketing their new Shamrock Shake McFlurry, the soft serve consistency counterpart to the Shamrock Shake, and I am certainly here for it!

Although many people argue that the Shamrock Shake is not something to look forward to (it tastes too much like toothpaste, or the green color looks unappealing), I am a strong believer that this shake is truly a masterpiece. The perfect ratio of vanilla soft serve and Shamrock Syrup makes for a perfect blend. Like the month of March, the season of the Shamrock Shake, its flavor can be described as “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. The initial mint flavor is bold (but not overpowering), and mellows into a pleasant, strong vanilla flavor. Anyone who says this shake is too minty, in comparison toothpaste (Crest Total, perhaps?) would need to try it again. The mint is strong enough to stand out, but not too sharp as to be unappealing. I would not be surprised if those who say the Shamrock Shake is “disgusting” have never even tried one, and are just jumping on the bandwagon with the dedicated Shamrock Shake haters.

Shamrock Shakes embody the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, and the season would not be the same without them. They bring people together, and whether you’re on your way home after a long day, picking some up with a group of friends, or just need something sweet to soothe your cravings, the Shamrock Shake is always perfect. And don’t be afraid to dunk a couple fries in there, it’s delicious!