President Biden’s First State of the Union Address


On Tuesday, March 1st, President Joe Biden presented his first State of the Union Address in front of Congress. He touched on numerous topics, from the raging war between Ukraine and Russia to COVID debt and unemployment. 


Ukraine-Russian War

Biden began his address by giving props to President Zelenskyy and the entire Ukrainian people for the enormous efforts that they have put into protecting their country. He touches on the purpose of NATO, how its original establishment came to be and the reason why the United States and NATO stand firmly behind Ukraine in this war. The United States has taken a clear, official stance on the matter, with Biden stating that “Putin is now isolated from the world more than he has ever been”. Biden goes on to speak of the importance of our allyship with NATO, and the way in which the United States is responsible for aiding in the protection of democracy across the globe, while actively condemning Putin’s attacks. He has also reiterated the point that US militia will not be involved in fighting Russia specifically, but to defend NATO. Instead, the US is going to act to shut off the Russian economy, with a focus on oil reserves to show support to Ukraine. 


Post-Covid Economy

  The next point follows the economy as a result of the pandemic, with Biden explaining how his American Rescue Plan was put into place to help protect small businesses and unemployed individuals. Biden then goes on to explain some of the other measures that were in effect throughout the brunt of the pandemic before moving on to the current plan to remediate the harm done. Both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have enacted the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which largely invested in public highways, airways, providing access to Internet usage, and other such advancements to bring America to the head of the 21st century. One key point Biden made is the supply of products, saying that “‘when we use taxpayers’ dollars to rebuild America, we’re going to do it by buying American. Buy  American products. Support American jobs’”. Much of this portion addresses the competition this country has with China, and the plans to ensure American growth. Biden also goes on to speak of different US companies and the recent advancements they have made which will hopefully lend a hand in reenergizing the American economy. 


Building a Better America

Biden’s “building a better America” plan heavily relies on moving manufacturing to the United States. In terms of countering inflation, he suggested “‘Lower your costs, not your wages’”. The big idea here is to cut costs on drug production and energy in the home so it reduces global warming and cost of childcare. All of these individual aspects are supposed to work together in order to make living more affordable, while also maintaining a high standard of living. He also briefly mentions imposing a higher tax on the wealthy and big corporations, though he does not provide much detail in this idea. 

Referencing back to the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden speaks to the necessity for vaccination and preparation for further variants in order to make sure that the economy will continue to grow and repair itself, as opposed to falling back to where it was in the midst of the pandemic. 


Public Safety 

The final key point made in the address was to focus on safety in different communities. Biden repeatedly says that the police need further funding in order to prevent crime. He also talks about the different protocols put into place to avoid police brutality against people of color, such as body cams and better warrants. He continues by suggesting stronger gun control, implying that crime is due in part to the ease of purchasing a weapon. He also urges Congress to “‘ban assault weapons with high-capacity magazines that hold up to 100 rounds’”, saying that they are not necessarily protected by the Second Amendment. 


Biden concludes with information on border security, immigration, protecting the queer community, as well as providing better mental health services. The entire address focuses on creating a sense of unity within the country. Biden and his administration hope to provide more equal opportunities for all American citizens, by implementing new bipartisan legislation.