May Roving Reporter

What did you most enjoy about your spring break?

“ I got to spend some time with my family and relax from school work.”
Mary Mckenna ’22

“I got to spend time with my family and enjoy a break.”
Jennifer Tokash ’22

“I enjoyed time to complete some goals that I can’t do during the school week. I also visited some colleges that I liked to see if they were a good fit for me.”
~ Raina Shroff ‘23

“I was able to get a break from all things school related as well as the stress that comes with it. The break let me relax and regroup for the rest of the school year.”
~ Kate Hollingshead ‘23

“I enjoyed that I was able to spend quality time with my friends and family and was abel to focus on myself. It was nice to take a break from stressful activities and schoolwork.”
~ Mehek Ragoowansi ‘24

“I loved being able to destress from school and to focus on my mental health and my family.”
~ Lizzie Bruhn ‘25