Central’s Pep Rally Is Back


Senior Vice Principal, Mr. Estrada, takes a pie to the face!

The Pep Rally was a favorite amongst students here at Hunterdon Central. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the event had not been held since the fall of 2019.  This school year, the pep rally was brought back! The rally was held on Wednesday, October 12th. It was an exciting way to reset after a long day of PSAT testing for our ninth, tenth, and eleventh-grade students. 


All of the students gathered in front of Stewart Field, separated by grade level on the bleachers. The spirit day was to wear your class’s assigned color. This sparked fierce competition between the grades to prove who was the loudest and proudest class. The Marching Red Devils kicked off the pep rally as they played various instruments and marched across the field. The dance team followed with an energizing routine on the field. 


All of the fall sports teams, including boys football, girls field hockey, girls volleyball, boys and girls cross country, girls and boys soccer, girls cheerleading, girls dance, girls gymnastics, and girls tennis were then recognized. Members of these teams ran across the field as they were announced by the host of the pep rally, Central’s very own Mrs. Copestake. 


 The first activity held was a race between students of all four grades. The object was to spin around with a baseball bat before racing across to the other side of the field in a relay formation. The juniors took first place, followed closely by the sophomores. The cheerleaders also performed an impressive routine on the field involving lots of high jumps and tumbling skills.


The freshmen and sophomores then engaged in an intense tug-of-war game with the freshmen emerging victorious. Next, the eleventh and twelfth graders faced off and the seniors claimed triumph.  A final challenge put the freshmen and teachers against the seniors.  Heroic efforts from both sides were demonstrated, however it was the seniors who came out on top and were crowned as the champions of the tug-of-war.  


The highlight of the pep rally, according to most students, was the pie-smashing contest. Prior to the pep rally, students had the opportunity to enter a raffle to win the chance to “pie” their vice principal. Many students watched in suspense as one person was chosen to throw a whipped cream plate in their vice principal’s (or in one case, the principal’s) face. This served as a huge source of amusement for everyone and showcased the good sportsmanship of the school administration who bravely volunteered. The announcement of the homecoming court (all king and queen nominees) concluded the pep rally festivities. The winners would be revealed later that night at the homecoming game.


 The pep rally has always been an important part of student life here at Central. It inspires students to get involved with the school by promoting school spirit and some healthy competition between the grades. In addition, pep rallies showcase the many talents of Central students and athletes, who have always been a source of pride for the school. It is an excellent opportunity to recognize students in all fall sports and activities. Pep rallies serve as a fun way to get students involved in school activities while encouraging their peers to do the same, and better connecting them to their classmates and teachers. It promotes a sense of community within the school, demonstrating that all the students here work together as a team. 


This inaugural pep rally after a three-year hiatus was a lively and dynamic event that promoted school spirit at Hunterdon Central.  We look forward to more excitement in the coming years!