More Security In NJ Schools


NJ introduces some of the strictest gun carry rules in the U.S

The US has had 300 mass shootings and over 16,000 gun murders this year. With the new ruling of the supreme court, these numbers may increase. Earlier this year, the supreme court ruled that requiring a license to carry a concealed weapon without a license is unconstitutional. This ruling made NJ legislators panic as they rushed to rewrite laws that have been in place for years. NJ previously had some of the strongest gun control laws in the nation, and legislators worked to keep that status while complying with the court’s new ruling. Along with this, the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s office has announced a new partnership with local schools that will provide safety officers to schools to increase the safety of the school environment. 

On June 23, 2022, the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional to forbid carrying concealed firearms without a permit. Shortly after, they struck down New York’s concealed carry law that required individuals to show “proper cause” before issuing a license. This changed how legislation had to work in New York and New Jersey, as New Jersey had similar legislation that was unconstitutional after the court’s ruling. NJ legislators had to come up with new laws after the court ruling. These new laws had to permit the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit; however, NJ legislators made the laws as strict as possible while still being in accordance with the court’s ruling. The new legislation forbids carrying concealed weapons in 25 public places, including schools, airports, bars, stadiums, and other public places. It also requires the purchase of liability insurance for guns as well as comprehensive background checks.

The Hunterdon County Sheriff’s office is also considering ways to increase safety, specifically for students. On September 29, 2022, Sheriff Fred W. Brown announced a new partnership with schools through Hunterdon. The partnership will assist school districts that need Special Law Enforcement Officer Class III (SLEO III) officers. SLEO III officers must be retired law enforcement officers. These officers have the authority to exercise full powers, the same as a regular acting police officer. “I am proud to be able to offer this important SLEO III officers’ program to schools in need of this service throughout Hunterdon,” Brown said. “It’s another example of critical public safety programs that the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s Office offers to residents and their families”. When it comes to school safety, this program will significantly assist schools in need and make their environments safer for both students and teachers. With the carrying of un-permitted concealed weapons now legal, many people will feel safer with SLEO III offices in their schools; this program achieves that. 

The ruling made by the supreme court changed our gun laws and permitted the carrying of concealed weapons. NJ, one of the country’s most strict gun law states, enacted new regulations to make gun laws as tight as possible. In addition, the Hunterdon County Sheriff’s office announced a new program to provide SLEO III officers to schools in need. With strict gun laws and new programs being developed, NJ is taking every precaution to ensure gun crimes stay low and the feeling of safety is not lost, even with the new ruling.