New Year’s Resolutions

As the New Year is in full swing, many people have created resolutions to prepare themselves for the upcoming year. Creating resolutions for yourself is a healthy way to focus on specific things to improve yourself or your habits.  


New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be accomplished within one day or at the beginning of the year they can even be accomplished by the end of the year, and many people might forget this. The overall significance is to encourage yourself to try something new, or, like said before, to improve your habits. Many people make resolutions but don’t follow through with them because they give up or they don’t care enough to accomplish them. You can do many things to help encourage yourself and to accomplish these resolutions.


Students are immersed in school activities, and they become stressed during the school year. This might lead to unhealthy habits, so it’s important for students to create beneficial resolutions. The best way to succeed in these resolutions is to make a list. You should make a legitimate list so that you know the tasks you want to accomplish. You should also have the list in front of you, on your mirror, or somewhere in your room so that it is fully visible. When you see this list every day it gives you the chance to think about the resolution and accomplish it when you can. 


Resolutions can vary from adults and students. While adults might focus on work resolutions and relationships, students might have some different intentions. The best resolutions students should focus on can be academic habits or practicing healthy activities. For instance, it is essential to be as productive as you can so you can get your homework done as soon as possible. We all procrastinate because we get distracted or we simply don’t want to do work. Regardless, being productive gives you time to do whatever you want after you finish your homework. It is also important for students to be engaged in after school activities and sports. If you already do a sport, try a club, and if you already do a club, try a sport! You should engage yourself with new students and activities. You can even try new things you might’ve never even thought of doing. You shouldn’t focus on after school activities just for the sake of college but to try new things for yourself. 


Along with trying new activities and connecting with new people, you should try to make new friends. Hang out with your friends to become more social and comfortable with them. This also includes your family because many students become busy during the school year, and it’s good to communicate and have time for your family. It’s healthy to become sociable in both components. 


Students experience lots of stress because of activities, homework, and tests or quizzes. Many students don’t always know how to balance all of it. But another good resolution can be you try to balance your time management to do everything you can. There will be days where you can’t do everything but there are ways you can communicate with your teachers and supervisors. You can reach out to them if homework and quizzes/tests become too much. You should become comfortable with your teachers to reach out if you are struggling with anything. This is healthy to practice because you become more comfortable and it helps you from becoming too stressed. 


Maintaining a good mental and sociable resolution is greatly important but it is also good to focus on healthy physical resolutions. Eating healthy and exercising is very important but students also struggle with a busy schedule. If one of those isn’t available in your time, try drinking water everyday to help, and eat healthier foods. Eating just fruits and vegetables won’t suffice, so this also includes proteins, carbs. Since school starts at such an early time, it’s also essential to get a good night’s sleep so you are ready for school and you don’t become increasingly drowsy.


Continuing New Year’s resolutions helps maintain a good system and habit for yourself. Although some people might not keep their New Year’s resolutions, they can still be accomplished even if you forget them. It is very important for students to keep their resolutions so that they can sustain themselves and their mental, social, and physical health.