Roving Reporter: What are your thoughts on the new format of school at Central?


“I believe going back to the full day schedule is progress. I love knowing school is slowly going back to normal. I think the lunch situation is good, but if it were to have unit lunch again, I could see all my friends. I do get hungry during third block, but I hope we can continue this school year so I can have the opportunity for a normal senior year.”

~Olivia Labbate ʼ22


“I am glad to be back in school after a long unexpected school year last year. I was virtual the whole year, but I am glad to see a new change to the school year.  I get to meet with people face to face and share some laughs throughout the day.”

~Kelly Delaney ʼ22


“I am really happy to be back in person with all my friends and enjoying the classroom full of students. However, one concern I have is the mask mandate.  I personally believe that students should be allowed to take off the masks in class when distanced from each other. I know that our government has made it mandatory, but I hope it will change the future.”

~Vanessa Pagano ʼ22


“I think the new format of school at Central is currently working out. It’s a little weird not having a full year of school yet now that I’m a junior. I understand why they split up the lunches into two groups and the less crowds are noticeable as a result. I also prefer having lunch near 12:00 as a lunch 2 student so it works out for me. “

~ Kayla Kazar ’23


“As a new freshman, I think that the school format is important because it’s keeping us safe. I do feel like the hallways are really crowded when switching from lunch to block 3. It’s also a little distracting to hear the other students at lunch while you’re in class. I am lucky to have been able to make a lot of new friends through after school sports!” 

~ Lizzie Bruhn ’25 

“I’m so glad my first full year at Central can finally begin because of the rules and regulations Hunterdon Central has enforced. As a sophomore, I am able to start an actual year and meet so many new people. I enjoy being able to meet with clubs in person and see more of my friends at lunch. Last year, we were so disconnected after only communicating through a screen and now we can finally come together as a class.” 

~ Mehek Ragoowansi ’24