January Rovering Reporter

The first snow day has already made its debut. One of the most special things about living in the Northeast is waking up to a blanket of snow and the call that school is canceled. There are endless ways to spend the day such as snuggling up with a good book and hot chocolate or building a snowman with friends. With the upcoming winter season, how do you like to spend your snow days?

“I would spend my perfect snow day waking up late and relaxing until noon. Then I’d have fun in the snow and go sledding with my friends!” – Lee Reyes ‘25

“To me the perfect snow day would be sledding with my friends and sister and just relaxing with a movie or a book. I love having the day to myself to be able to do things I usually don’t have time for because of school.” – Riya Gupta ‘25

“I would spend the perfect snow day by watching a movie with a blanket and drinking coffee or hot chocolate and staying cozy. – Ava DeLauro ‘22

“I like to spend my snow days sleeping in! After I woke up I would probably read a book by the fireplace and drink some hot chocolate.” – Kiera Spring ‘24

“I love snow days because I can relax without worrying about extra school work and catch up on some of my favorite shows like Survivor. I also like to make hot chocolate when it’s really cold outside. – Katie Holdren ‘23

“For me the perfect snow day consists of waking up late without an alarm and then watching my favorite movies all day long. I sometimes make hot chocolate or bake something warm!” – Safa Ashraf ‘23