The HCRHS Baking Club

Who are the founders of the club? 

Baking Club is run by two juniors, Kellie Rice and Lauren Easley. Kellie is the President of the Class of 2024 Class Council, an editor-in-chief of the yearbook, and a member of Global Outreach. Lauren is a member of the varsity gymnastics team and a part of Red Cross and Student Council.


How long has the Baking Club been around?

“Lauren and I started this club because we both really like baking as a hobby. With both of our busy schedules, we don’t have a lot of time to bake at home. We figured that many other students also don’t have the time to bake at home and would be interested in a community of people who share a passion for making baked goods. We thought starting a fun club after school would be a great option for friends to get together or to meet new people through baking!” 


“At first we thought it might be mostly more experienced bakers that show up, but we soon learned that a lot of beginners were coming and learning how to bake things for the first time. We’ve also both gotten to know a lot of people at Central by being in the same group! We really want to encourage people to use this club as a place to meet new people and destress with food! 


How does the club run?

“We plan meetings based on the time frame that we have. That can vary; for example, sometimes we can stay until 3:30. Other days we can only stay until 2:45. For future meetings, we try to plan things that people have requested that will work with the time given and that match the season or upcoming holiday!” 


“Our next meeting is going to be cupcakes in ice-cream cones if you are interested!” 


The google classroom code is xog2iwa if you are interested in joining!