Cinderella the Musical


Leah Scialla, pictured, portraying Cinderella in the Golden Carriage after the Saturday, March 4th, matinee show.

The lights flash as you sit down in your seat giddy with excitement knowing the show is about to begin. The pit orchestra starts to play, and the curtains open. The fairy godmother introduces the tale of Cinderella and soon the story is brought to life on stage. You watch as mice dance around, as a pumpkin turns into a carriage, as step sisters fight, and of course as Cinderella and the prince fall in love. On March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Hunterdon Central put on a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella: Enchanted Edition. While the music and script differed from the widely known Disney movie, Central’s production was one that people of all ages could enjoy. Of course, this production would not have been possible if not for the hard work and dedication of the cast and crew. So, let’s hear about the musical from their perspective…


Kendal Plumstead, senior, Fairy Godmother 


Q: What was the highlight of the show for you? 


A: “I think the highlight of the show was the transformation. It was really awesome to be the “magic” behind the story of Cinderella. (Shout out to the crew who made it possible!)”


Q: What was your favorite behind the scenes moment? 


A: “My senior year show meant a lot to me because it was my “impossible dream” to be a lead in one of HC’s fantastic productions. Through the help of “mother theater” (Mrs. Enterline), the insanely talented cast, awesome crew, amazing pit, and wonderful staff, my dream became a reality and genuinely helped me to grow as a person and performer. I’m very grateful for this experience and will never forget my love of theater at HC!”


Q: What was your favorite song? 


A: “My favorite song is “There is Music in You”. Yes, I am biased because I am the lead voice in this song, but, I genuinely love hearing the ensemble sing together at the end of the show. I cannot even begin to describe how powerful and beautiful it is to hear everyone’s voices beneath mine.”There is Music In You” is a magical masterpiece that illustrates how much Cinderella has grown and how she can be whatever she wants to be if she believes in herself.”


Raina Shroff, senior, Stage Manager 


Q: What was your favorite moment from the show?


A: “My favorite show highlight was the transformation sequence, it took a lot of time to develop, especially for those backstage, and the cues all had to be specific, on time, and fast. I was lucky enough to watch the smoke machine go off, pull the pumpkin up, and see the horses illuminate onstage beside the carriage. It was just as amazing offstage as it was onstage.”


Q: Explain your favorite behind the scenes moment.


A: “My favorite behind the scenes moment was probably when I watched and participated in a rehearsal while taking running crew and lightning notes. My job was to do that, but since people were missing, I joined in one of the ballroom dance scenes and learned how to do it. I wasn’t good and I stopped once a friend started recording, but it was fun seeing how horrible I could do it.”


Q: Can you describe your favorite set piece?


A: “My favorite set piece is always the biggest one, but since I wasn’t present entirely for the making of the stairs, my favorite piece has to be the flippable house with a door we made for the stepmother and her daughters. It was efficient and had depth, and although the wheels broke on the other platform half a dozen times, this one never gave us any trouble. It was fun to build and we reused pieces from old shows, which warranted cool stories and fun conversations in construction. I also enjoyed being in charge of such an impressive project, made me feel really proud of what we could do.”


Leah Scialla, senior, Cinderella 


Q: What was your favorite show highlight? 


A: “This production of Cinderella was rewarding to play the lead in. The whole creation process of the show was memorable, but if I had to think of one highlight, it would be acting in the scene where the pumpkin turns into a golden carriage, four gray mice are easily turned into horses, and rags into a beautiful, blue ball gown. It took some time planning, but thanks to all hands on deck, The Transformation process went smoothly.”


Q: What was your favorite behind the scenes moment? 


A: “The biggest takeaway that I can consider is the kindness coming from everyone in the music, theater, tech, and crew department.  Hard work from all sides helped make for four magical showings of the Cinderella story. Help from these important people served to create a musical that will be cherished by all. A moment that I look back on fondly is when dance captain, Haley Eder, and student director, Bella Hopkins help to quickly change out of rags into a beautiful, blue ball gown.”


Mrs. Enterline, Director 


Q: Describe your favorite show highlight.


A: “I loved the way the transformation turned out with the pumpkin turning into the carriage, the mice into horses and Cinderella’s rags into a ball gown. It was magical.”


Q: Can you explain your favorite behind the scenes moment?


A: “I love our pre show rituals, everyone in make-up and costumes doing our vocal warm ups  and  then group chants, getting psyched up for the show. It always brings the cast together and the excitement is palpable.”


Overall, Central put on an amazing production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. It was all made possible by the hard work of students and staff alike. It is evident that the transformation was a crowd and cast favorite moment because it truly displayed the work put into the musical.