HC Senior Fencers: Kyle Friery


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How long have you been working in the armory? How were you introduced to it?

This is my second year doing it. I was introduced to it by my friends who fence. They wanted me to fence and I told them I wouldn’t, but they then mentioned that I could do this other thing, armory, and I reluctantly went, and happened to really like it.


What is your role on the team? 

Senior armorer is my role, effectively the boss of our total of 5 armorers. Excluding our coach Griffin, I’m the most experienced one there.


What is your most memorable takeaway from this experience?

My most memorable takeaway is the comradery, feeling like even though I wasn’t ON the team, that I was a part of it, and that I was appreciated.


What activities do you participate in outside of school? 

I do rock climbing, if you count going to the gym then I do that, and I play video games. 

What do you enjoy about rock climbing?

For me I was never the most physically fit person, and I’m still working for that, but the fact that I’m able to even do it, for me, makes me more confident in myself because it’s a very physically demanding sport.


What do you do for fun? 

Play video games, hang out with friends or family, watch movies, rock climb,  and work out.


What is your favorite thing/thing you will miss most from Central? 

The people. For me, at this point in my senior year, not many of my classes are all that particularly interesting, or I don’t find them enjoyable, but the ones that are, I get to experience things with other people and connect with them.


Name at least one thing you want to do before you graduate? 

Related to my physical health/goals, I want to get down to the 180-190 lbs range, I’m currently at 222.4 this morning.


Plans after high school? College? Career? 

My plans after high school is to go to college.


What are you looking forward to after high school? 

College, I’m a bit excited to get out of this same lifestyle and move on to be on my own, and meet new people.


What is one way you have changed since freshman year? 

In my mental state, not going to provide details, but I am overall in a better state of mind, and am a healthier individual since my freshman year.


Pretend you are talking to your freshman self: what would you say to them? 

Hang in there, you’re gonna be overwhelmed, and believe me it’s gonna suck, but you got this, I believe in you, be strong like you’ve always been.