Roving Reporter: “What class are you most excited for in the new semester?”


Jackson Tullman, senior: “I’m most excited for study hall. I can finally get my work done for my AP classes. I can cut down on the amount of work I have to do at home. I’m grateful for the opportunity to get my work done in school so I have more time for myself.”


Trey Garutti, freshman: “I’m very excited for photography because I always see incredible photos on the internet and I want to create something similar.”


Dhyana Abeysinghe, sophomore: “I’m most excited for my psychology and wellness class. I’ve taken Intro to Psychology already and I’m really interested in the subject of psychology.”


Lucas Rumage, junior: “I’m most excited for gym because I have a lot of friends in that class.”


Nate Ruttenberg, junior: “I am most excited for film class.”