Seinor Spotlight: Swim Team Seinors

It should be noted that since this article was written, the girls swimming team has gone on to become sectional champions. Congratulations!


How long have you been swimming?


Rourke- Caitlyn and I actually go way back, swimming with each other on a summer league at the age of 6. Since then our paths have differed and then crossed again. I stopped swimming after the local pool closed and only started up again with Central swimming. I am now also on HCY, a local club team and practice with them after school practice. 


Caitlyn- I have been swimming since I was around 6 years old. I started on the local YMCA team and the community pool team with Rourke and a lot of others. Since then I have been swimming club all these years (this year is my 11th year swimming) and I have swam on the Central team for the last four years.


What other activities are you involved in at school? 


Rourke- I am also on the varsity track team, which I have been a part of since freshman year as well as an active member of connect club and the jump rope club. I am also vice president of the Spanish honor society. 


Caitlyn– I am a member of the Science National Honor Society and a member of Mu Alpha Theta.


What activities are you involved in outside of school?


Rourke- Outside of school I recently joined the club swim team HCY. I also like to volunteer with animal alliance, visiting cats that are looking for their forever homes. I also teach swim lessons to children over the weekend! 


Caitlyn– I swim for the Greater Somerset County YMCA team (GSCY). I also teach swim lessons to children of all ages as well as lifeguard/supervise the outdoor pool at Healthquest.



What is your favorite thing about Central or one thing you will miss?


Rourke-  I love making  new friends every single day. I think what’s great about a school this size is that you almost always can meet someone new. We have been given so many opportunities and chances to really be able to meet as many people as possible. 


Caitlyn- My favorite thing about Central is definitely all of the friends I have made here. There are so many great people that I have met through classes, swimming, clubs, and through other people and I am really going to miss all of the friends that I have made when I’m in college next year.


What’s one thing you want to accomplish before you graduate?


Rourke- I have been super lucky to have an amazing senior year, committing to my dream school in October, winning homecoming queen, spending time with friends, family, and getting to participate in the sports that I love everyday. I hope I can just keep this amazing year going. 


Caitlyn- With the school swim team before I graduate I would like to try to get a school record. It would be so special to have a lasting mark on the school and be able to look back years from now and have my name on the “record board” especially since I have devoted so much effort and time to swimming.


Do you have any college or career plans for after high school?


Rourke- I am planning on attending Montclair State University where I will continue to swim as well as studying early education. 


Caitlyn- Next year I will be attending the University of Richmond and I will be a part of their swim program. I am not completely sure what my major will be yet, but I will likely go into a STEM field.



Do you have any advice for underclassmen? 


Rourke- My advice would be to always push yourself to be the best version of you. Sometimes that means focusing on school, sometimes that means staying later at practice, sometimes that means asking for help; whatever it means, get it done, and do it with kindness. 


Caitlyn- My advice to underclassmen would be to appreciate what you have now and to take advantage of any opportunities presented to you.