HC Senior Fencers: Vic Komosinski


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How long have you been fencing? How were you introduced to the sport?

I did fencing in 5th and 6th grade. Then I took a break, but I started fencing again in 9th grade and I’ve been on the team since! I learned about fencing through my friends, who encouraged me to try it out.


What is your role on the team? What is your greatest strength when competing? 

I’m a Varsity sabre on the girl’s team. My biggest strength is my ability to absorb and implement any advice I’m given by my coaches and teammates. Being a good listener certainly helps!


What is your most memorable takeaway from this experience?

I will never forget the lessons I’ve learned about respect and legacy. We take respect very seriously on the fencing team. We always salute our opponents, referees, and spectators several times throughout a bout. It’s great to feel such an elevated sense of respect, and it’s a lesson that I will take with me no matter where I go or what I do. 


What other activities are you involved in at school (clubs, honors societies, sports, etc)?

I’m in the National English Honor Society, Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society, French Honor Society, and Science National Honor Society. I’m also in Hunterdon Central’s Thespian Society. I love acting, so I do my best to perform in all the events that I can. I’ve made so many friends within the Thespian Society and I always have such a good time when I’m performing or helping out backstage.


What activities do you participate in outside of school?

I work outside of school for the Hunterdon County Board of Elections. As someone who is incredibly interested in politics and the American political process, I absolutely love my job. I’m on a hiatus right now since fencing takes up most of my time, but I’ll be back in the office once the season ends. My work consists of filing papers, scanning documents, and updating information in the statewide voter database. During the most recent election, I helped out with poll worker training and handling mail-in ballots. 


What do you do for fun?

I love reading and analyzing classic literature, watching movies, and spending time with my friends! I also spend a considerable amount of time reading Wikipedia pages on historical figures, notably King Richard III and Martin Luther. 


What is your favorite thing/thing you will miss most from Central?

I’m going to miss my classes the most. I have so many great memories from my favorite classes, my relationships with my teachers, and the specific lessons that I treasure. Despite the sheer number of students at Central, all of the teachers I’ve had have put in tremendous effort to get to know all of us and the ways in which we learn best. 


Name at least one thing you want to do before you graduate?

I really want to go on a roadtrip with my friends before I graduate. I think it would be really fun to explore New Jersey while spending time with my favorite people!


Plans after high school? College? Career? What are you looking forward to after high school?

I plan to go to college after high school. I’m still in the process of receiving my college decisions, so I’m not sure as of right now where I will be attending. I will be majoring in Political Science and minoring in either French or History. 


What is one way you have changed since freshman year?

I’m definitely more confident in my abilities as a student and athlete. I used to be very timid and shy, but now I’m more open and comfortable with what I’m capable of. I’m still rather introverted, but now it’s easier for me to feel good about myself and connect with others.


Pretend you are talking to your freshman self: what would you say to them?

Don’t be afraid to take breaks when you’re feeling overwhelmed; there’s no reason to over-exert yourself. Take time to enjoy high school too!